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Bisexual erotic stories wanted

We are looking for sexually explicit fiction/semi-fiction featuring bisexual characters and a representation of bisexual desire, for an anthology of bisexual erotic writing. This book aims to present a diversity of bisexual erotic writings, and desires which have previously been hidden in other erotic anthologies.

Ideally pieces should include detailed characters, and some cultural context rather than just sex acts, and should not be longer than 5000 words.

Themes could include the following:

  • Celibacy
  • Monogamy
  • Non-monogamy
  • Poly
  • Gender
  • Genderplay
  • Genderpolitics
  • Trans
  • Fluid desire
  • Identity politics
  • Politics of biphobia
  • Flexi-sex
  • Non-label identity
  • New forms of relationships -- polyamourous, non-traditional male/female, etc.
  • Gender transgression, including bi/trans links
  • BDSM, power exchange
  • Bisexual culture
  • Contemporary culture
  • Non-Western concepts of bisexuality

All genres are acceptable: sci-fi, cyber, crime, horror, sensuous, coming-out stories, slash, gothic, fetish, contemporary, humourous, etc.

The members of the editorial group are all activists within the UK bi community. If you are interested please send all pieces with a SASE to: PO Box 10048, London SE15 4ZD.

For more information, e-mail:

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