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Roughriders provides a forum where authors can hone their skills while creating a new body of erotic literature. Our readers expect to be surprised, aroused, educated, intrigued, entertained, outraged, amused, and satisfied.

Fiction: Minimum word count: 1000 words minimum, 6000 words maximum, 2000-5000 words preferred. All fiction must contain an explicit sex scene of interest to female-to-male transgenders and intersexed people (transmen); i.e., it must have a male or masculine (of any gender or orientation) character. We especially need stories featuring transmen, particularly with male or masculine partners, but we also publish a small amount of fiction where one of the characters is transgendered or intersexed, role-playing and role reversal stories in which women adopt a male role for the encounter, and so forth. All genres welcome.

No characters under age 21. No scat. Badly written stories will be trashed. We do not publish poetry or novel excerpts.

Non-Fiction: We publish a small amount of non-fiction, such as how-to, relationship advice, and confessions (stories of 500-1500 words of allegedly true encounters). All non-fiction must relate to the sexual lives of transmen.

Humor: We publish jokes, riddles, and anecdotes, the shorter the better. We generally pick a theme, which is announced ahead of time in each issue. Sexually oriented queer jokes always welcome.

Format: Electronic submissions only; include submission in the body of the message -- do not send attachments.

Use standard html tags to indicate bold and italics. Put a paragraph tag at the end of every paragraph. Don't use any other HTML tags. Leave a blank line between paragraphs. Include your title and byline at the top, along with your email. Include a one-paragraph biography at the bottom of the document. Put in a link to your home page or email address so hordes of loyal fans can reach you if you want. Reprints okay, especially from small presses or obscure origins.

We buy one-time electronic rights. Simultaneous submissions okay. There is no payment to authors. We take submission as proof that you accept these terms. If accepted, you will be notified by email approximately one month in advance of the site being made available to the general public to proofread your story and make corrections.

Queries may be emailed to For more info, surf to:

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