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Sex for the Well Rounded

Zaftig! Sex for the Well Rounded (print and webzine) seeks submissions of all types from writers, artists, poets, and essayists who are, or who have an appreciation for, well-rounded bodies. Women, men, gay/bi/trans/straight, kinky, vanilla, whatever as long as it's a) not exclusively about skinny people and b) good. We publish in print four times a year.

  • Read our Web site, before you submit. It will give you a very good idea of what we're about and what caliber of work we're looking for.
  • Unlike stock market fraud, Zaftig! doesn't pay. However, if we use your work, we'll give you three free copies of the issue in which your work appears.
  • Please note: There are 2 kinds of stories Zaftig! simply will not take: 1) X meets Y, X goes on diet, X loses weight, Y finally notices X now that X is thinner and they live happily ever after. (gag!) and 2) Fat person has sex with thin person, accidentally crushing thin person to death during sex. It doesn't happen, for one thing, and the idea isn't sexy, for another. So don't bother.

Voluptuous, chubby, sexy, curvy, hot fat b/w photography and art, fiction/articles to 2000 words, poetry (to 50 lines), and anything else you can think of can be sent to the Editrix, Hanne Blank, via e-mail at (note: Do not send attachments for written work; graphics files only accepted as attachments), or via snail mail (with SASE) to Zaftig! Productions, Submissions, 54 Boynton Street, First Floor, Boston, MA 02130.

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