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BiNet USA Lauds Sept. 23rd Celebrate Bisexuality Day

By BiNet media spokesperson Timothy Turner

The inaugural Celebrate Bisexuality Day (CBD) will be launched in major cities, suburban and rural areas around the world on September 23, 1999. This day is a call for bisexuals, their families, friends and allies to recognize and celebrate bisexuality, bisexual history, culture and community, and the bisexual people in their lives.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day is the brainchild of three activists who wanted to challenge the pervasive and wrongheaded notion that any one of us can be defined by the gender of our partner. "Ever since the Stonewall rebellion, the gay and lesbian community has grown in strength and visibility. The bisexual community also has grown in strength but in many ways we are still invisible. I too have been conditioned by society to automatically label a couple walking hand in hand as either straight or gay, depending upon the perceived gender of each person," remarked Texas bi/trans activist Gigi Raven Wilbur.

Tired of the heterosexual and the homosexual assumptions, BiNet USA's Wendy Curry of Maine, Michael Page of Florida and Gigi put their heads together (in cyberspace) and came up with the idea of putting bisexuality on the map. Claim a day for bisexual people! Claim a visibility day for bisexuality!

The idea took off in cyberspace, and now people from Australia to South Africa, from New Zealand to Sweden, and from Germany to Japan are planning events. Cultural events, dances, week long celebrations and smaller social gatherings are in the works. Even the International Lesbian and Gay Association World conference in Johannesburg will be flying the BiPride flag on September 23rd.

"New events are added every day. There is an exciting momentum," noted Webmistress Wendy. She encourages people to check the official Web site for more information. "As far as I'm concerned Celebrate Bisexuality Day has had a positive impact already," added Michael, "and this is just our first year!"

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