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Issue #20:

  • Knight Moves, by Adam Wills
    Forget marriage! How about a Defense of Bisexuals Act?
  • We Are Family?, by Juba Kalamka
    Blacks call each other "brother" and "sister". Queers call each other "family". Where does that leave a black bisexual?
  • Tears, by Eve Diana
    A first-person account of the San Diego Pride teargas attack.
  • In Remembrance of the Dead, by Kathryn Page
    "Whenever I find myself thinking about the murders, it comes down to just one thing: The stories have to be told..."

Issue #19:

Issue #18:

Why so few articles from issue #18? Because that issue, coming hard on the heels of Matthew Shepard's murder, contained much more editorial and news content. Check out those areas for the bulk of our online offerings from this issue!

Of course, you could just get everything in the issue by getting the issue itself. Yes, dead tree editions aren't technologically hip, but if you subscribe through a trendy CGI form, that ought to make up for it!

Issue #17:

  • The Joker is Wild: Changing Sex and Other Crimes of Passion, by Max Wolf Valerio
    A postmodern transgender trickster explores "life in the border regions." Sex change and fluidity as heresy. How bis and trannies both break taboo, and how passion infects all revelation.
  • It's What You Think You See That Counts, by Andrea Michaela Gonzalez
    True tales of bi and trans sexuality, from the heart of San Francisco's queer (and sometimes just odd) sexual underground.
  • talking about the iSsues no onE's eXpressing, by Heather Franek
    If gender doesn't matter, then transgender shouldn't matter, either... right? The author shows movingly and personally how it does matter.
  • Trans Sexual Lessons, by Alejandra Sarda
    What Argentina's bi movement has learned and is learning from the Argentine transsexual movement.
  • As Femme As We Want To Be, by Tracy Schmidt
    A report from the second annual Femme Conference in San Francisco.
  • Bisexuality and Transgenderism, by Kevin Lano
    Where the United Kingdom's bi and trans movements meet.

Previous Issues:

Articles from our earlier issues will be back online as soon as circumstances allow. Coming soon: Keith Hennessy's Fey Enough for Radical Faeries?, Anne Killpack's Oh, to Be a Bonobo, Jeff Gingerich's Out to Each Other, Angela Moreno's In Amerika, They Call Us Hermaphrodites, Linda Howard's Polygeometry, and many more!

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