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Editorials and Opinions:

From Issue #20:

From Issue #19:

  • Labelous Statements, by Anne Killpack
    Labels aren't always a bad thing -- and one label may be crucial for our community.

From Issue #18:

From Issue #17:

  • ASAP's Fables, by Shadow Morton
    A heady rant against the forces of the "As Straight As Possible" crowd that are helping the queer communities sabotage themselves.
  • Fuck Identity, by Riki Wilchins
    Is there really any "Bi agenda" at all, beyond getting our sexuality mentioned in organizations' names? And should there be?
  • Revaluing Bi Identity, by Kevin McCulloch
    Should we be following in the gay and lesbian movements' footsteps? Should we be part of the same movement at all?

What Your Mother Never Told You:

Finally, there's an advice column that copes with your problems! Why ask for advice on whether or not to get a third slave from a columnist who believes BDSM is sick and polyamory is just another word for cheating, when Uncle Bill and Auntie Andrea are ready to help you?

  • Issue #20: What does nausea after anal sex mean, and waht is "intercrural sex"?
  • Issue #19: What are the legalities of sex in public, anyway? And can a romance between a lesbian and a bisexual woman work out?
  • Issue #18: What's so sexy about butch women, and how can polyamorists avoid fallout from Monicagate?
  • Issue #17: A polyamorist worries about hir partner's welfare, and a feminist man worries about his "violent" urges.

Dear Jane:

Anything That Moves' ongoing round-robin soap opera, written by a different staff member (or occasional interested third party) each issue.

  • The Show's Not Over (Part Ten, by Dan Mullen)
    What would a performance art benefit be without a scene by a raging drama queen? The elusive Jane puts in an appearance!
  • The Show Must Go On (Part Nine, by Jonathan Furst)
    Chaos and performance art at the Queer Central benefit show.
  • "We Have to Talk..." (Part Eight, by Kai MacTane)
    Ray gets talked into a sticky situation, Erika gets rescued, and Barbara plots and plans.

Sadly, there was no episode of Dear Jane in issue #17. However, episode nine, which is on the newsstands as you read this in issue #19, will be coming to this site in a couple of weeks, and prior episodes will return to this Web site along with back issues of Anything That Moves.

Letters to the Editor:

Letters from Issue #20: Rob Lightner's bio arouses controversy -- twice! Plus, a call for balance in transgender coverage, kudos from Houston, and news about a bisexual flag.

Letters from Issue #19: Thanks from Tokyo, a lack of MFM triads, a revelation about Rita Mae Brown, praise and brickbats for Heather Franek's talking about the iSsues no onE's eXpressing, general praise for ATM, and double praise for Andrea Gonzalez' It's What You Think You See That Counts and Protect Everyone.

Letters from Issue #18: Mark Silver in a black mesh top, a defense of Deborah Anapol, male bonding and another FABGLITTER ally, criticism of Heather Franek's talking about the iSsues no onE's eXpressing, an outing of... Godzilla?, criticism of Heather Franek, and raves from a niche-defier.

Letters from Issue #17: On bestiality™, the cover of issue #16 (with Lois Lane™ fantasizing about Xena™ while being rescued by Superman™), satire™, and excessive trademarking.

Looking for Who's Watching Big Brother or other news pieces? Those are all listed under Anything That Moves Happenings.

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