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Cherry Leo

(Joseph's Cherry Goddess)

Joyous Virgin

by Deborah Singer

Being Queer's been good to me.
It taught me if you're gonna be something different you gotta be it proudly
And then they can't knock you down as easily
So I'm a vocal, proud and
semi-outspoken virgin
Cherry-visibility or something like that
I like cherry things
They're like me
I love wearing my cherry skirt
Or eating cherry tart
Or just ice cream with cherries on top
I have a cherry scented candle
I bought it for the color -- red
I burn it when I'm in a candle mood
And sometimes, when enough wax
has gathered on the top
I tip it over slightly and let some melted wax fall slowly onto my skin below
I like the way it feels
Some people are surprised by that
They think 'cause I've never been fucked
I can't get off, or that I don't.
Leo, I love myself
Masturbation, sex with myself
Right now, I'm my only, and best, lover
I may not know how sex "really" feels
But I know about a thing or two that I've tried on myself and they felt pretty great
Some of my friends tell me I need to get laid
Some tell me it's wonderful that I'm waiting for someone special
And some people just bite my neck
Or suck on my ear
While I'm standing on a public sidewalk in the middle of the night
Or morning
Whatever, it was dark at the time
It was good
It got me wet
I know what thoughts get me wet
Whether others think I'm experienced enough to have those thoughts or not
I know what I'd love to try
So go ahead, tell me what you think
I need to know
What you'd love to teach me
What you're real sorry I'm not letting you show me
'Cause I may be a lust-infected tease
But I like being me
I've got my cherry
And I've got my candle
And just because I haven't done it
Doesn't mean I can't want it
After all, you've never done me
But you know you've thought about it

Deborah Singer is 19, a member of Queer Players, a San Diego youth writing and performance group, and an alumna of the Mesa College Theatre Company.

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