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Table of Contents: Issue #17

This issue was packed with even more provocative features, sexy stories and poetry, and fun-filled photography than usual! From Max Wolf Valerio's thought-provoking tour through gender -- including his own -- to Heather Franek's touching and personal account of her own relationship to Deborah Singer's defiant poetic pro-virginity manifesto, our writers keep showing that complacency exists only to be shaken up. And they're good at it, consistently showing new points of view and putting forth new ways of thinking about queer rights, the direction of the community, and the entire nature of gender and sexuality.

Naturally, we can't fit the entire issue online, but here's a guide to the things we are offering from Issue #17:

Features and Articles:

Especially from our Feature Focus, "Forging a Bi-Trans Alliance"

  • Feature Story: The Joker is Wild: Changing Sex and Other Crimes of Passion, by Max Wolf Valerio
    A postmodern transgender trickster explores "life in the border regions." Sex change and fluidity as heresy. How bis and trannies both break taboo, and how passion infects all revelation.
  • It's What You Think You See That Counts, by Andrea Michaela Gonzalez
    True tales of bi and trans sexuality, from the heart of San Francisco's queer (and sometimes just odd) sexual underground.
  • talking about the iSsues no onE's eXpressing, by Heather Franek
    If gender doesn't matter, then transgender shouldn't matter, either... right? The author shows movingly and personally how it does matter.
  • Trans Sexual Lessons, by Alejandra Sarda
    What Argentina's bi movement has learned and is learning from the ARgentine transsexual movement.
  • As Femme As We Want To Be, by Tracy Schmidt
    A report from the second annual Femme Conference in San Francisco.
  • Bisexuality and Transgenderism, by Kevin Lano
    Where the United Kingdom's bi and trans movements meet.

Editorials and Opinions:

  • ASAP's Fables, by Shadow Morton
    A heady rant against the forces of the "As Straight As Possible" crowd that are helping the queer communities sabotage themselves.
  • Fuck Identity, by Riki Wilchins
    Is there really any "Bi agenda" at all, beyond getting our sexuality mentioned in organizations' names? And should there be?
  • Revaluing Bi Identity, by Kevin McCulloch
    Should we be following in the gay and lesbian movements' footsteps? Should we be part of the same movement at all?
  • Poetry: Cherry Leo, by Deborah Singer
    A virgin speaks out for "cherry visibility". Don't assume that virgins aren't interested...

News and Current Events:


Of course, that's only a sampling of what you'd get in our dead tree version. Just a few of the things you're missing:

  • Cody Dare's exploration of what it is people really want from sex -- not rampaging kinkiness or multiple affairs, but something far more passionate...;
  • "That Woman" -- a poem of bisexual jealousy by Carol Guess;
  • The Two-Sided Threesome: a poignant, bitter and beautiful piece by Charles Anders, in which we see that sexual adventure isn't always what you expect;
  • "I Just Do This to Seduce Gay Men" -- longing for acceptance, fighting for better definitions;
  • "Am I Really Bisexual?" -- When you first begin to question, the answers aren't always obvious.

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