Anything That Moves
Issue by Issue

nowbar series

by Corey Tax

back in nycnew selfgo to trannie barall dragged out
pass as mtfget charged trannie pricedish with the bartender
Tinatrannie dyketells me she just married
pre-transition girlfriendasshole homophobe tranniechaser bioman
interruptswho wore the dress at your wedding?
Tina gives him the full force of her scornannounces proudly
both of us are femmedismisses him

aquaintancedyke from scenters the barsurprises me
what's she doing in nycthis bar?blew my cover
not perceived mtf anymoreshe buys me a beerwe hang out
catch updon't feel as comfortableworlds colliding

for third timewatch drunk tranniechaser come on to Tina
assume she's availablewould want himoffers her $20 for a kiss
she gives him all her strength and attitude
demands he take his hands off hershe is not doing sex work
she's a married womanturns to meall touch here is consensual
if anyone harasses you we can get him kicked outreading me as comrade
I belong herenew trannie on the blockhonored safe

waiting for show to startbeautifulpunktrannieworking girl name
Fantasiaapproachesshe seems to be talking to scdyke
turns to meyou're cutehard to hearloud music
do you want a lapdance?don't have the $shake my head
later on trainscdyke says Fantasia offered free lapdance
if I'm not a trannie then I must be a tranniechaser
tranniechasers are all menwhy would a trannie want me
didn't know how to calculate my desireleft with raw hunger
disappointmentopportunity lost

back in trannie barXmas nightfending off bioman
gorgeousLatinafemmetranniewoman in blue sequins approaches
there's an orgy upstairsthe first time she's touched pussy
congratulate herasks me and him to join inhe goesI stay
comes back5 minutes latertop in charge
tells me I'm coming upstairs with hergo
four gorgeoustranniewomen concentrating on my pleasure
two men on the sidelinesa showpaid for?
Fantasia fucking me with her cock (not her penis)culmination in her kiss
opportunity taken

Corey Tax is a white Jewish anti-racist feminist bisexual fat femme dyke slut no-hormones no-op transgendered queer drag queen writer from NYC who also goes by the name Mistress Mae.

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