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ATM Issue #19

Feature Focus: Sex Workers

Cover PhotoWelcome to issue #19 of Anything That Moves, the magazine for the working bisexual. This issue, guest edited by our own Andrea Michaela Gonzalez, is dedicated to exploring the many and various ways that people make money involving sex... and sexuality, and related topics.

Not all of them are prostitutes, either. Nor do all of them engage in illegal activites, hence the title of Ms. Gonzalez' guest editorial, "What's So Illegal About Sex?" There's Linda Poelzl, who works as a surrogate partner. Her piece, "Keeping the Sex in Sex Therapy", is a rare glimpse into a field that's often sensationalized.

Even when prostitution is the form of sex work involved, there aren't always women involved. Aaron Lawrence shows us the life of a male escort -- and the stresses it can place on your private life -- in "Troubles".

And our managing editrix Linda Howard looks at a historical monument to prostitutes of the past in "Restoring the Past: The Dumas Hotel".

The model for the cover, by the way, is Scarlot Harlot, with the photo taken by Vic St. Blaise.

The issue isn't completely taken up with sex work, of course. Suzan Cooke weighs in with her poignant remembrance of MTFs she's known, and a heartbreaking look at the treatment transsexual teens receive from their families, in "Not My Child". Poet Rob Lightner shows us a miraculous thing in his sensual/cerebral fantasia, "Rete Mirabile". And production manager Anne Killpack editorializes on how a label can be our strength in "Labelous Statements".

Plus, have the usual reviews of bi literature and movies, the latest installment of ATM's ongoing soap opera, Liz Highleyman's "Big Brother" report on censorship, the latest news on events that affect the community, and Uncle Bill and Untie Andrea's "What Your Mother Never Told You". And to top it all off, where would we be without letters from the readers?

Naturally, we can't include the entire issue online. Find us in your local independent bookstore, Border's Books, or Tower Records -- or use our online subscription form -- and you'll get:

  • "Dancing Shadows", Siobhan Brooks' interview with exotic dancer Gina Gold, who speaks about her experiences in phone sex and some of San Francisco's famous strip clubs;
  • Jack Random's interview with the luscious Ms. Jeanna Fine, porn actress and mother;
  • "Peace Within You", Patricia Kwon's photo essay on sensuality and color;
  • "The Body Politic: The Anatomy of a (Very Political) Bust", the story of Teri Goodson's arrest on prostitution charges, and the anti-sex, anti-woman political context surrounding it...
  • ...and much, much more!

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