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Poetry and Fiction

From Issue #20:

  • Poetry: Insomnia, by Jenny Bitner
    The hours stretch on, and the thoughts keep spinning in your mind...
  • Poetry: Night of the Bear, by Jenny Bitner
    Passion and romance and the mystery of an encounter with primal nature.

From Issue #19:

  • Poetry: Rete Mirabile, by Rob Lightner
    Between the magical and the real, the sensual and the cerebral, lies the miraculous.

From Issue #18:

  • Fiction: Greyhound Jack, by Chris Lombardi
    Fast life and slow death in high school.
  • Poetry: explanation for a bad attitude, by Danielle Montgomery
    In memory of Matthew Shepard -- 'nuff said.
  • Poetry: nowbar series, by Corey Tax
    Places that seem unfamiliar can become more inviting with time.

From Issue #17:

  • Poetry: Cherry Leo, by Deborah Singer
    A virgin speaks out for "cherry visibility". Don't assume that virgins aren't interested...

From Issue #14:

  • Poetry: What Do Bisexuals Want?, by Jack Random
    After reading this poem, all the bisexuals in the Anything That Moves office wanted its author. In bed.

Other poetry and fiction from issues #17 and #18 can be found in our dead tree version.

Previous Issues:

Poetry and fiction from previous issues will be back online as soon as circumstances allow. Watch this space for such gems as Jack Random's What Do Bisexuals Want? [now online, in memory of the poet on what would have been his 51st birthday!] and Boys Who Do Boys, Alice Blue's New Orleans, and Shane Luitjens' Burninme.

Looking for Dear Jane, the ATM soap opera? It's filed under Anything That Moves Departments.

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