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The Bi Reaction to the Religious Right

"If you love someone, you'll tell them the truth." This is what the Religious Right has been telling America for the past few months. But they've never been known for speaking the truth, and the reaction by the Human Rights Campaign ignored bi and trans issues just as much as the Religious Right did.

It's time for us to tell our sides of the story.

Our sides are many, for bisexuality is about choices and individuality; about looking at a person on their own merits, not as a gender.

Naturally, we've got the online version of the bisexual response ad you've heard so much about. We also have advice on how to use it most effectively. But that's not the whole ball of wax...

There are electronic versions in both EPS and TIFF format (careful, they're large!). And we have the commentary you've come to expect of us.

Staffer Andrea Gonzalez writes eloquently about how Matthew Shepard's murder was a trans issue: he was killed for failing to pass, she argues, and demands that we protect everyone, not just those who look and act "normal". On behalf of the entire staff, the production manager has penned an open letter to the Religious Rights' leaders, responding to their purported message "not of hate but of hope". And our editor has good news to spread on the turning of the tide for bi rights.

Don't let them tell you sexuality is an all-or-nothing proposition. We all know better. We will not be marginalized or ignored. We are here to stay -- for we have always been here.

-- Kai MacTane,
Web Dude in Charge

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