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Using this ad at a local level

Anything That Moves hereby grants permission to any bisexual or bi-supportive organization to reproduce this advertisement for purposes of reproduction and dissemination. ATM hereby further grants permission for such groups to place this advertisement in other publications. We do not require any monetary compensation for this; but we do request that any organization so using this advertisement mail a copy of the publication containing the ad to us (Anything That Moves, 2261 Market Street, #496, San Francisco, CA 94114-1600).
  1. Target your audience and determine which publications you wish to use to get their attention. Major metropolitan daily newspapers are often too expensive for smaller groups to afford; remember that weekly papers, community papers, shopping circulars, and alternative papers are often equally effective in spreading the word. Additionally, you can use the less expensive ads to raise money toward placement in a larger publication by increasing public awareness of the issue. Also, if your organization is a non-profit or sponsored non-profit project, see whether the publication has any discounts for non-profits; many do.

  2. Contact the publication's advertising or business department (this information is almost always printed in the publication's staff box or masthead, which generally appears near the front of the editorial section in newspapers and near or on the table of contents in magazines). Find out what the publication's rates are for a full-page ad (this ad is 8 1/2"x11"). Also find out what the publication's deadlines are -- sometimes newspapers will offer less-expensive rates to advertisers who are willing to have their ad appear sometime during a 10-day window, rather than on a specific day.

  3. Find out if the publication is going to have any upcoming special focuses or editorial specials on queer rights, hate crimes or the ex-gay controversy. Some papers have a special rate for special relevant sections; at the very least, you can ensure that your ad is most timely.

  4. Finally, find out if there are any special specifications you need to worry about. Some publications require that ads be submitted in a specific form, and charge extra for ads they have to reformat. If the publication prefers to receive a hard-copy version of the ad, you can find 8 1/2"x11" and 11"x17" versions in issue #18 of Anything That Moves. Confirm all specifications in writing, to ensure that your ad will appear exactly as you want, when you want, and how you want.

  5. Ask other lesbigay and trans groups to help pay or fundraise for the cost of placing the ad -- after all, if more than 16 national queer organizations happily signed on to support the ad in the first place, support at the local level should be just as forthcoming.

  6. Become an activist at the local level. Send this ad to your local publication's political or lifestyle editors with a letter describing the issues and asking them to cover it as a story. Remember to include contact information for your group, and make sure you're well-versed on the subject before doing this -- if you need background material, contact BiNet USA ( or 202-986-7186).

Download the Poster Ad

The poster ad is available in two formats, EPS and TIFF. Both files are zipped to reduce download time. For Mac users who want the actual Quark files, we have those as well, in BinHexed .sea.hqx format.

EPSEPS Version: 4,127 K Half-sizeHalf-size (8½ x 11"): 6,357 K
TIFFTIFF Version: 4,056 K TabloidTabloid (11 x 17"): 11,301 K

You can also get a look at an HTML version of the ad.

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