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There are zillions of queer and bisexual resources out there. If you want a comprehensive list, you can even look on indices like Yahoo! (we've included a couple of links to Yahoo! categories). But we're not trying to be the be-all and end-all of bisexual or queer links; our hands are full enough already. We've made some effort to include a decent selection of stuff that our readers will find useful and interesting, but that's all.

Please note that all links will open in a new browser window (unless, of course, your browser doesn't support that capability). Also, some logos have been altered to fit the style of this page.

Plus, check out our Legal Protections for the Alternative Family and Resources for Bisexual Families, both from issue #20 of Anything That Moves.

If you know of a site that you think we should be linking to, by all means, let us know about it -- we don't mind enlarging this area; we just aren't planning to be totally comprehensive.

Bisexual Groups and Resources

These are the things that are specifically targeted at bis.

Bi the Way Bi the Way...
This site has intersting and pleasant graphic design, and hosts a page full of bi and queer pride graphics. It also includes links to external resources that provide personals ads, matchmaking service and chat/message boards.
Bi Pride triangles The Bisexual Resource Center
This site is run by the prople who put out the Bisexual Resource Guide. It has books, videos, and music of interest to bisexuals, plus bi pride merchandise (t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers). There are also some good articles and essays on subjects as diverse as the obligatory "Bisexuality 101" topics, starting a bisexual support group, and internalized biphobia.
BiCarfe Logo
In the words of their Webmaster: "Bisexual Personals Service designed specifically for bi singles and couples. Membership and clothed photo (optional) provide near assurance of valid identity. SEE who you are investing time communicating with. Messaging system gives you tracking information about messages sent. This is a very effective way to meet elusive bisexuals. English and French."
Bisexual Forum Kimbi's Bisexuality Forum
This is essentially a Web-based version of a Usenet newsgroup; a moderated forum in which people can post their thoughts and converse, though not in real time.
This is an internationally-oriented bisexual site, hosting the home pages of a variety of bi organizations (including the home page for the newsgroup) and a lot of links to other resources, especially on an international level — though with something of a UK slant.
This site is full of links, information, news and resources for United States bisexuals. It has good "beginner's" information on bisexuality, rebuttals of some of the biphobia common in American politics and media, calls for action on various issues, and regional information about BiNet's local branches.
BiNet Canada
This one is mostly links to all kinds of resources throughout Canada -- social, recreational, activist, and support groups, web sites, mailing lists, events, and media ranging from print to radio to TV. They have links to regional and nationwide resources.
Bisexual Options Bisexual Options
This site is run by Dr. Fritz Klein, author of The Bisexual Option. It has listings not only for mailing lists, newsgroups and Web sites, but also for books available through and for people who want to meet other bis through the Internet.
GLAAD Bi Visibility Project GLAAD's Bisexual Visibility Project
...contains their bi-specific media alerts pages, and their bi links page. They've also got a brief report on bis in the media, information and suggested reading material, plus a variety of other cool tidbits and resources that prove you can be inclusive, regardless of your group's name.

Bi Links Sites and Directories

Some places don't really host any content of their own, but they're good enough at directing you to other people's content that they're worth taking a look at. Here are a few that are targeted specifically at bi resources.

Bi All Means Bi All Means...
These folks call themselves "the bisexual person's guide to the Internet". Their resources and links branch out beyond Web sites to include Usenet newsgroups and email lists. Aside from specific bi resources, they also have pointers to information on politics, spirituality, gender, and related areas of interest to bis and queers.
Bisexual Hell Logo Bisexual Hell
A very nice set of links to other resources, which is actually a subset of the Adult Children of Heterosexuals site. This one has a welcoming, home-brewed feel.
Yahoo! Yahoo!: Bisexual
The main Yahoo! category for bisexuality, under the "Society & Culture" heading.

Queer Activist organizations

These groups may not always include "and bisexual and transgender" in their names, but they're out there trying to do good work anyway — and usually succeeding. Their sites also frequently have information of interest to non-monosexual queers.

GLAAD The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
...are primarily dedicated to watching the media for how queers are portrayed, positively or negatively, and reporting on it to the community. Their site includes links for you to mail your censure or praise to the companies, organizations, or whatever that you might want to sound off to. GLAAD also has a mailing list for media and action alerts.
IGLHRC Logo The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Campaign
...say they'd like to add the B and the T, but their acronym is hard enough to pronounce already. Think of an Amnesty International that worked for queers' rights instead of ignoring us.
NGLTF Triangles The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force a queer-positive lobbying organization with good queer news postings. Their 1999 Capital Gains And Losses Report, as well as many other useful publications, are available for download from their site.
SF LGBT Center The San Francisco LGBT Community Center...
...has been a long time in coming, but they now also have a Web site up to advertise and coordinate the completion of the center.

Queer Publications

This is the category we'd probably go in ourselves, if we weren't the ones putting together this list in the first place.

Black Books Logo Black Books the publisher of Black Sheets magazine and The Black Book, a regularly updated directory to resources for sexual minorities (gay, bi, S/M, transgender, fetish, etc.).
Cuir Underground Cuir Underground
A bi-monthly magazine "for the pansexual kink communities." They are now converting solely into a Webzine to keep expenses down, but are still putting out terrific articles on bisexuality, genderfuck, BDSM, and whatever other subjects move them. These may include foot fetishism, prostitution, and even Satanic BDSM sex magic.

Other Sites of Interest

These are a variety of other sites that didn't fit the above categories, but which may still be of interest to our readers. This includes commercial sites.

The Product HomeHIVTest
This is a company that makes — you guessed it — a home HIV test kit. It's rated at least 99.9% accurate by the AMA, and provides everything you need to take a blood sample and ship it to a lab that returns your results in 3 or 7 days, depending on which version you get. They also have pre- and post-test counseling services, and an extensive Resource Center of their own, dealing with HIV issues, gay/lesbian organizations, and safer-sex resources.

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