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From Issue #20:

  • Bruised Fruit, by Anna Livia
    reviewed by Melissa White
    A tapestry of interconnected lives, linked together by pain, trauma, love and healing.
  • Fat!So?, by Marilyn Wann
    reviewed by Hanne Blank
    An unapologetic manual on size acceptance and loving yourself -- full of facts, dispelled myths, snappy comebacks to rude comments, and everything else you could need.
  • Bisexual Resource Guide 2000, edited by Robyn Ochs
    reviewed by Kevin McCulloch
    This year's installment of the indispensable guide to practically everything bi, practically everywhere.
  • The Haunting, directed by Jan De Bont
    reviewed by Kai MacTane
    A very "easy" openly bisexual character in an insipid remake -- Hollywood still doesn't get it.
  • Bad Boys and Sick Girls, by Linda S. Kauffman
    reviewed by Michael Lefkowitz
    A scholarly examination of social constructions of sexuality and gender, but flawed by poor reasoning and ethnocentrism.

From Issue #19:

  • Sirens and Other Daemon Lovers, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling
    reviewed by Linda Howard
    An anthology of erotic tales about passion and mystery that will not be denied.
  • The Edge of the Bed, by Lisa Palac
    reviewed by Kevin McCulloch
    The former editor of Future Sex magazine talks about "how dirty pictures changed [her] life".
  • Sex Spoken Here, edited by Carol Queen and Jack Davis
    reviewed by Jim Ausman
    Selections from the Good Vibrations Erotic Reading Circle -- the best of the best.
  • Movie Reviews: "The Trio" by Hermine Huntgeburth and "Tiger-Striped Woman Waits for Tarzan" by Rudolf Thome
    reviewed by Raven Usi
    A pair of recent films from Germany involving bisexuality.
  • The Leather Daddy and the Femme, by Carol Queen
    reviewed by Anne Killpack
    Erotic and steamy goings-on in the San Francisco kink/bi/pan/sexual scene.

From Issue #18:

  • Freaks Talk Back, by Joshua Gamson
    Reviewed by Robin Ochs
    A Yale professor examines how tabloid talk shows attempt to enforce sexual norms.
  • Suits Me, by Diane Wood Middlebrook
    Reviewed by Mark Silver
    A biography of transgendered jazz musician Dorothy Tipton, aka Billy Tipton.
  • Eileen is a Spy, directed by Sayer Frey
    Reviewed by Raven Usi
    A work in progress about a woman transcending incest and exploring her bisexuality.

From Issue #17:

  • Billy's Boy, by Patricia Nell Warren
    Reviewed by John Denton
    A 12-year-old struggles with his sexuality in Southern California.
  • Sex Seen, by Sharon R. Ullman
    Reviewed by Amy Conger
    An academic look at the development of gender roles in America.
  • Tales From the Clit, edited by Cherie Matrix
    Reviewed by Shiloh Dewease
    A series of essays on porn from a feminist perspective, with a twist: they're original.
  • Whores and Other Feminists, edited by Jill Nagle
    Reviewed by Monica McLemore
    An anthology of quality essays on feminism and prostitution by feminist sex workers -- no, it's not a contradiction in terms.

From Previous Issues:

Reviews from previous issues will be back online as soon as circumstances allow. Coming soon -- reviews of works by Susie Bright, Riki Anne Wilchins, Carol Queen, Deborah Anapol, Pat Califia, Ani DiFranco, Wayne Bryant, Beth Firestein and more!

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