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Submission Guidelines

Anything That Moves welcomes unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, and illustrations. We are particularly interested in work by bi/pan/or-similarly-sexuals, people of color, transgender- or transsexual-identified, those who are differently abled, and those challenged by AIDS or HIV, as well as material not previously published and/or from new or unpublished writers.


ATM accepts submissions such as: fiction; non-fiction commentary and feature articles; news reports on the bisexual community or individuals; and literary, film, theater, and music reviews.

Features & Interviews: ATM publishes features relating to any angle of bisexual life -- cultural, lifestyle, spiritual, sexual, health, relationship, political... you name it. . Maximum word count: 2500 words

Fiction: Any content is up for consideration and need not address bisexuality specifically; however, bisexual content is given priority. Maximum word count: 2500 words.

Non-fiction Commentary: ATM provides space for writers to explore contemporary issues related to bisexuality that are editorial in nature -- personal opinions and viewpoints. Maximum word count: 2000 words.

Reviews: ATM publishes reviews of books, film, music, exhibits, theater, and anything else related to bisexual artists, topics, and/or themes as well as subjects of interest to bisexuals. Black & white photos or stats of reviewed book jackets, or black & white theatrical/portfolio promotional photos to accompany reviews, are greatly appreciated. Maximum word count: 500 words.

Photographers and Illustrators:

ATM is extremely interested in receiving submissions of photographs (single photos as well as photo essays), illustrations, comics, cartoons and other artwork. Photographs of three-dimensional artwork will be considered. Artists who have not yet been published are especially encouraged to submit. ATM is also interested in artists who will work on assignment with the art director to illustrate articles as needed.

Erotic and/or nude artwork will be considered. All photos containing models or subjects with identifiable and/or copyrighted likenesses must be accompanied by a signed model release form and age statement.

Submitting Hard Copies: Mail clean photocopies or prints to the attention of Art. Do not submit originals, as ATM cannot be responsible for them. The artist's name, address, and phone number must be attached to the back of each submission. Include a SASE if you want work returned if not accepted.

Submitting Digital Copies (Scans): Email digital files (72dpi and under 256k; jpeg format preferred) directly to the art director. Or post them on the web and email the URL to the art director at Or mail files on floppy or zip disk to the attention of Art; be aware that ATM cannot return disks to you.

For information on current projects and further details, contact our art director at

The Fine Print, Part I

All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter that includes a brief (30 words or less) biography of the writer/artist and a listing of submissions by title. Your cover letter should also indicate the author's name, address, phone, number, and e-mail address, if applicable, as well as whether your contribution has been published or submitted for consideration elsewhere. Finally, if you want to publish your submission/art under a pen name, you must also include your legal name (don't worry, we won't print it) on your cover letter.

Submitting Electronic Copies: Manuscripts may also be submitted via email, in text or as an MS Word attachment, to: Please use the phrase "Submission: (title of your article)" as the subject line of your e-mail, and include your cover letter information in the body of your email.

Submitting Hard Copies: Submissions must be typed, double-spaced, on clean white paper and must include the submission's title and word count on each page. Please include the author's name, address, phone number and email address, if applicable, on the last page of the submission. Handwritten, illegible, or single-spaced copy will not be considered. ATM gladly accepts manuscripts on disk only if accompanied by a hard copy, as you know how finicky disks-through-the-mail can be. Disk submissions must be saved in ascii or MS Word format. Be aware that ATM cannot return disks to you.

Send your submissions to: Anything That Moves: Submissions, 2261 Market St. #496, San Francisco, CA 94114-1600, USA.

The Fine Print, Part II

We will do our best to notify about your submission's acceptance or rejection within 6-8 weeks; if you have not heard from us after that time, please feel free check on the status of your submission via We cannot always provide a publication date for accepted submissions, as we often accepted material an issue or two in advance.

All submissions must be accompanied by an SASE. However, accepted material cannot be returned. Do not send originals, as ATM will not be responsible for them. Rejected material returned only if accompanied by the correct amount of postage.

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